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Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd | temperature control solutions are part of Dawsongroup PLC, one of Europe’s leading asset rental companies. Founded in 1935, Dawsongroup has grown and diversified into numerous markets ranging from logistics to passenger transport to temperature controlled storage and turnkey production facilities.

Established in 1999, Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd | temperature control solutions are the acknowledged market leader, yet the operation has changed dramatically over 18 years and can now be described as a hybrid: a happy cross between a project management company and a rental operation in which our customers get the best of both worlds.

While not necessarily the cheapest, we provide the best service and the best equipment. Refrigerated containers are certainly cheaper and if you simply want bulk storage, without stock rotation, this could be a better option, but if you are looking to improve your business, our flexibility and cost-effectiveness are second to none.

Services and Solutions

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Every project must be commercially viable, so we work in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke solutions to meet all of their needs. We help resolve critical issues, such as site constraints including production capacity, rather than just providing additional storage space.

Linked unit to existing buildingUniquely, we can seamlessly link our modules to existing buildings, to create production rooms or allow internal cold room space to be utilized for other uses. Rather than spend money on a new facility we can help you to utilise your existing space. Renting our units provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to your temporary or long-term storage.

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Our solutions are commercially successful for our clients, helping them to quickly respond to market demand and find new business, confident in their ability to react quickly to today’s challenging trading environments.

We can deliver temperature control solutions to you with speed and flexibility, impossible to deliver with a brick and mortar solution.

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