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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

Case study three

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The Project

To supply a food manufacturer, who has won a significant new contract for frozen products, with an 11 bay complex, attached to the client's existing factory. quickly.

Our Solution

Create a five bay, extra high chill complex, fitted with a fresh air system, in which the client installed four blast freezing chambers, which lead into a corridor onto a packing room and finally a finished goods holding room

On handover, the customer's project manager was asked: "Why us?". The reply was that ' the only alternative was a permanent build and we didn't have 9 months'.

The nature of our business is that we are often supplying sites close to full capacity so the modular build approach, where the individual units are prepared off-site, minimises site disruption. In this instance we were on site for just 11 days, installing and commissioning a solution with 10 of our larger modules.

Initial discussions commenced before the customer had secured the contract and with uncertainty over volumes it was decided to future-proof the project: so we decided to add a corridor. This was added to provide space for doubling the number of blast chambers as adding to the end of the complex would compromise the process flow. An additional two blast chambers were subsequently requested.