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Tempering unit 

controlled tempering

Looking for a good-quality flexible solution for extra heating or thawing capacity? Here at Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd., we offer the solution in the form of a tempering unit. Our tempering unit was designed especially to temper your products in a controlled environment. The tempering unit also complies with a range of standards, including HACCP, BRC, and GMP. This ensures that your meat, vegetables, fish and other products always meet the required standards of quality.


When is a tempering unit the right solution?

The tempering units offered by Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. are the right solution for you if:

  ·the product has to be completely thawed before reaching the customer;
  ·your product has to be thawed quickly;
  ·your production process would be accelerated if your product was thawed before going into production.


The tempering/defrost unit is ideal if you are looking for the right way to temper your products. We offer our tempering/defrost unit for rent in various models, from small to large, for short-term or long-term use. If you would like more details on the options for the tempering freezer, please feel free to contact us.

Tempering at the flick of a switch

The performance of the unit is monitored by a state-of-the-art data logger which records and displays the temperature of your products. All information is stored and can be downloaded to a PC giving you traceability.





Our units are suitable for


Bakery industry         Catering industry         Chemical industry         Flowers and seeds industry        Fruits and veg industry       Meat, fish and poultry industry      Wholesale and logistics  


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