Blast Freezers & Chillers

   Giga Blast Freezer available in 3 pallets      wide for easier stock rotation and picking

    Mega Blast Freezer is the most energy                efficient in the rental market

   Can be sited internally or externally and        can be linked to your existing facility

    Can come as standard size or can be                    made completely bespoke












Blast freezer

the ultimate high-capacity blast freezer 

Blast freezing is essential to any industry with perishable products; the on-site blast freezing can change a customer's process dramatically, removing the need for third parties as well as having the ability to freeze on-site, removing any chance that products have of leaving the chill chain.

A blast freezer or blast chiller from Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. has a high capacity, making it the perfect solution for quick, controlled freezing and/or cooling of any product. The blast freezer/chiller also meets a range of standards, including HACCP, BRC, and GMP. This blast freezer/chiller comes in various models, from small to large, for short-term or long-term use. Dawson blast freezers excel in quality and energy efficiency compared to competitors. Our new blast freezers have a hold facility, decreasing the power use of the blast freezer after a cycle is completed and the product has time before being removed, this has the potential to save some companies tens of thousands of euros on energy costs. Our new generation blast freezers use high-speed fans and directed airflow that ensures the rapid heat exchange between your product and the passing air.

 When should you opt for a blast chiller/freezer?

Renting a blast freezer/chiller can be the perfect solution if you are currently outsourcing your blast chilling/freezing processes, but would like more control. In addition, it may be an excellent option if the blast freezer/chiller is closer to your production site reduces your costs. All our products are built to a high specification and come with a variety of quality features as standard.

For custom-built blast freezers/chiller we always provide onsite surveys, offer our technical expertise and throughout the contract period, you will receive 24/7 maintenance and breakdown cover.

Call Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. on 045 448 810 and speak to a member of the team about your blast freezer requirements.

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The sectors we operate in

Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. has a long-standing presence in a wide variety of industries. With our experience within this sectors, we provide the upmost customer care. Our units and bespoke builds will fit your exact needs to increase both your productivity and efficiencies. We pride ourselves on how we have supported the industries and will continue developing with the sectors into the future. 

Baked goods industry     Catering industry      Chemical industry    Flowers and seeds industry    Fruit and veg industry     Meat, fish and poultry Transport industry                                     

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