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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

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Pharmaceutical Cold Storage from Dawson Pharma Ireland

Dawson pharma range

When it comes to storing pharma products you need more than just a freezer. With Dawson Pharma Cold Storage, you get highly accurate control and stability over temperature and air distribution settings. Standard commercial systems do not deliver the necessary finesse in the performance of these critical factors, often resulting in costly temperature excursions. The Dawson Pharma unit guarantees a stable and precise temperature profile throughout the storage environment ensuring vital product integrity. Read more below.

The range of Operation -30°C TO +40°C

Dawson Pharma units have an accurately controlled operating temperature range -30°C TO +40°C. This enables unit flexibility for use as a freezer, chill, temperature controlled environment or incubator, for all clinical trial and licensed pharmaceutical products. Whatever the nature of use, products are fully protected by multi-parameter temperature alarms and a dual refrigeration system with a communication link.

Dual Refrigeration Systems

Each Dawson Pharma unit is fitted with dual autonomous refrigeration systems providing 100% back-up with auto-switch over in the event of any fault occurring. The two systems are set to modulate lead-lag on a timed program to ensure balanced usage.

30 Minutes Fire Resistance

Fire risk is a major concern and of growing relevance with ever-increasing scrutiny by insurance companies and underwriters regarding the integrity of storage, shipping methods and especially equipment used. Therefore Dawson Pharma units are constructed using Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation materials that give the entire structure 30 minutes fire resistance. This unique Dawson Pharma range feature provides additional protection to high-value products.

Operational Efficiency

Electrically the Dawson Pharma range is the most efficient Dawson refrigeration package, returning typical operating cost savings of up to € 150 per week compared to conventional units. With extremely low noise emissions, the Dawson Pharma range represents the best in modern technology and environmental savings.



If you would like more information about Pharmaceutical Dawson Pharma Cold Storage, please feel free to contact us.