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Food Cold Storage temperature - Infographic


Optimal storage temperature inforgraphic


Proper food handling and storage can prevent most foodborne illnesses. In order for pathogens to grow in food, certain conditions must be present. By controlling the environment and conditions, even if potentially harmful bacteria are present in the unprepared or raw food, they will not be able to survive, grow, and multiply, causing illness

One of the most important factors to consider when handling food properly is temperature. The table above lists the most temperatures to be aware of when handling food.

The range of temperature from 4°C and 60°C (40°F and 140°F) is known as the danger zone, or the range at which most pathogenic bacteria will grow and multiply.

The refrigerator, whether walk-in or a standard upright, is an important component in planning the storage of food items. Most fresh foods must be stored in the refrigerator to delay their deterioration and decomposition. 

Critical Control Point

Keep foods 4°C (39°F) or colder, the safe temperature for refrigerated storage.


Here are some considerations to ensure that the refrigerator does not break down and risk spoiling food:

• Monitor the temperature of the refrigerator daily. All refrigerators should be provided with a thermometer so that daily readings can be taken.

• Keep refrigerators in good working order. Maintain a regular servicing contract with a local refrigerator repair company.

• Clean refrigerators regularly. Shelves should be shallow and well vented to make such cleaning quick and easy. Develop and follow a schedule to ensure that refrigerators are cleaned on a consistent basis.

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