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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

Innovative solution for Cold Storage produce handling.


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Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland introduces an Innovative solution for Cold Storage produce handling.


Dawsongroup | temperature control solutions Ireland are proud of the fact that our infrastructure is unrivaled in the sector. We provide the best service and the best equipment.

Refrigerated containers are certainly cheaper and if you simply want bulk storage, without stock rotation, this could be a better option, but if you are looking to improve your business, our flexibility and cost-effectiveness are second to none.

Investment is concentrated on safety and energy management, which when combined with the long product life cycle in this sector, will provide a significant competitive advantage over time. Future prospects remain strong, aided by new products under development.

Our business solutions often exceed customers expectations and produce outside-the-box solutions to temperature control requirements. Dawsonrentals continually improves the product range with new innovations.

Solutions for moving materials are required in almost every industry. Routine hand-labor cargo processing is an integral component of world commerce. Considering that labor is among the highest of operational costs, we have the solution - Rollerballs Floor.


Rollerballs are used across a diversity of applications and industries - from subsea to aerospace. This aspect offers an incomparable cost reduction in both labor and equipment in the cargo handling field. Friction is extremely reduced and then the strength necessary to handling loads is notably decreased.

At Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland we can integrate the rollerballs system into the units we supply, giving you control over your own products or resources, in and out of the controlled environment. This helps keep quality in the product by not breaking the chill chain. We have the ability to design and manufacture a unit specific to your requirements.

To find out how ball transfer units can help you attain maximum efficiency and smooth running, contact us at 045 448 810.