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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

Commercial Dry Aging Refrigerators

Dry-aging fridge


Dry Aging is a dry seasoning technique, aimed at obtaining the best test and tenderness of meat by using long maturing times. The dry-aging process, in fact, needs to take place in total safety, constantly controlling temperature, humidity and ventilation. Only this way ensures a tasty, safe and high-quality product. Read more below.

What makes the Dawsongroup dry-aging unit different from others?

Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. can design and manufacture special meat aging units with temperature and humidity control to accommodate the needs of customers looking for dry aging meat units. Storing and dry-aging meat is a proven method to maximise a product's consistency and intensify its flavor. All fresh meat is aged at least a few day, but dry-aging extends this period to 4-6 weeks to achieve the perfect results. A low-temperature environment slows the development of harmful bacteria, ensuring that meat is well aged and safe to consume. Finding the right equipment will ensure the taste, appearance, and texture of your dry aged meat does not change, as well as ensuring it meets all the correct safety and hygiene standards.


Adjustable temperature settings

Set-point scheduling to suit your individual needs.

Low noise and energy efficient

Using the latest in refrigeration and insulation combine to five the maximum efficiency and reduced electrical power consumption.

High-speed fans

Ensuring even temperature distribution.


GPRS data logger

To be able to continuously monitor 24/7. 


Unit interior

Easy clean surfaces, non-slip resin floors, internal drain, LED lighting, and door and frame heaters.

Safety features

Personnel Trapped, Mains Failure and Over/Under Temperature alarms, Emergency door release and Emergency lighting.



Available in various sizes and up to 3 pallets wide.

Our units can be made big enough to store various pallet sizes so you won't have to waste space or time getting your inventory placed inside the temperature controlled unit. We also provide regular servicing to ensure all our products are running as they should. All our units are very reliable and comply with all the industry regulations. 

Moreover, an option is raising units up to loading docks or sitting them outside and linking to an existing building. This does not compromise internal space whilst also streamlining your process flow and increasing your operational efficiency.

Each individual unit is equipped to deal with large quantities of meat storage and there is plenty of space including further options for meat hooks and storage equipment.

We are fully certified to work with F-gas.

If you want to know more about these temperature controlled units or want to know if your specific requirements can be met then please give us a call on 045 448 810 or enquire through the enquiry form.