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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

Why rent a Cold Store unit from Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd.




Cold Stores - the Refrigerated Trailer alternative

When you're trying to find extra storage space for frozen or chilled products look no further than Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland purpose built Cold Stores. You maybe be considering a refrigerated trailer or already be using one, however, our Cold Stores are the smarter alternative. Read more below.

Cost Effective

Refrigerated trailers running on diesel can be very expensive and require constant attention. Our purpose built units are more reliable, economical and quieter than a refrigerated trailer running on electricity. They also come with temperature alarms and a sophisticated data logger.

Efficient Use of Space

You have one size option with a trailer, yet we have a Cold Store range from 14 to 39 pallets with internal widths of 2 of 3 UK pallets - the latter allowing better stock rotation and picking efficiency.


You will always need a forklift truck to unload a refrigerated trailer. With our Cold Store based at ground level, you can go in and out with a pump truck, further reducing handling costs.

Safer Working Practices

Our Health & Safety Manager advises that the majority of 'serious' yard based transport-related accidents are caused by staff falling from vehicles & trailers, being struck by falling loads or hit by moving vehicles.

Our units are designed to reduce these risks and offer a safer alternative to refrigerated trailers.

Cold Stores can either be placed on the ground or attached to a loading bay at any height. With no height difference between loading and unloading the risk of falls is eliminated.

Trailers often need to be moved around the yard due to space restrictions. There is no need to keep moving our units as they can be craned into a position convenient to your or attached to your building if operationally efficient.

All our Cold Stores are Health & Safety compliant to include man-trap alarms, emergency lighting, internal emergency release buttons, and high lux internal lighting. 

If you would like more information about the benefits, please feel free to contact us at 045 448 810.