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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit


  Fish Cold Storage

The retention of nutritional properties and product quality of fish is dependent on proper handling of the catch after it has been harvested from its aquatic environment. Read more.

Harvested fish must be immediately stored in a low-temperature environment such as ice or refrigerated seawater. This chilling process slows the growth of microorganisms.

Of the many processing methods used to preserve fish, only freezing can maintain the flavor and quality of fresh fish. The three steps for freezing fish include immediate cooling and holding, rapid freezing and cold storage.

Immediate cooling 

The rapid cooling and holding of fish at a temperature between 2 and -2°C takes immediately after the fish have been harvested.

Rapid freezing

The key to freezing is the rapid reduction of the temperature to between -2 and -7°C. This temperature range represents the zone of maximum ice crystal formation in the cells of the flesh.

Cold Storage

Once the fish is frozen, it must be stored at a constant temperature of -23°C or below in order to maintain long shelf life and ensure quality.

If you are looking for a cold storage solution that will tick all the boxes then don't look any further. Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is proud to present a fantastic range of temperature controlled units.

Available for short and long-term rental, we supply different sizes of cold storage units with capacity from 10 and up to 39 pallets.

Our units are the perfect solution for quick, controlled cooling and freezing of fish. If you opt to rent a cold storage unit from us, you can rest assured that our units give you a wide range of features by default and that they comply with various standards.

Every  Dawsongroup unit can be customised to a range of specifications, in order to provide bespoke solutions to suit the requirements of each client.

With easy setup and no planning permission necessary you can begin cooling or freezing your produce within days.

If you are interested in any of our temperature controlled unit, contact us on 045 448 810 to speak to one of our professional and friendly team members today.