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7 Tips to maintain energy efficiency of your cold storage

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When storing fresh produce or perishable items, it's very important to maintain constant temperatures and an accordant environment to ensure the quality of the products.

If you keep your cold storage unit maintained regularly, you can increase energy efficiency, improve product quality and also increase your business profits.


Here are a few tips to keep your refrigeration unit efficient:


     1. Examine the condition of the refrigeration unit.

Structural damage or cracks can prevent your cold storage from working efficiently. The damage makes it harder for the condenser to control and maintain the desired temperature.

      2. Keep your condenser unit clean.

Your cooling system's condenser unit is responsible for removing unwanted heat from cooled spaces, and to have the most efficient operations.

      3. Ensure the doors are sealed.

Having old, worn seals or damaged doors can allow air to escape your refrigeration unit. When cold air can easily leak through doors and seals, will cause your cooling system to work harder to maintain the temperature inside the unit. This will cause untimely wearing of the cooling system leading to constant breakages and repair costs.

      4. Switch off the light.

Costs are reduced when you use the lighting. To become more energy efficient, lower energy use and keep costs down, switch out floodlight bulbs with more efficient LED lighting.

      5. Regulate inside temperature.

Check the temperatures of your cold storage unit to note any unexpected fluctuations in temperatures. If there are any changes to the temperature, the quality and freshness of the product may be compromised.

      6. Contact your refrigeration contractor for updates.

Contact your refrigeration contractor for any special procedures to follow.

      7. Report defects.

Report any defects you notice to the person responsible for the refrigeration unit. These may include:

  • Unusual or loud noises from the fans
  • Droplets on the walls or floor
  • Ice frost on the walls
  • A defective closing mechanism on the door.


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