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Brexit stockpiling is worth considering


Businesses and manufacturers are increasingly looking to stockpile food, pharmaceutical, raw material and much more in the event of no-deal Brexit in March 2019.


Brexit stockpiling is worth considering 


In Ireland's case, the UK is certainly an important market for our goods but the UK is also an even more important supplier of imported goods.

The effects of Brexit on Irish imports from the UK will depend on the nature of Brexit itself. If the UK were to remain within the customs union, so avoiding tariff barriers and many non-tariff barriers, the effects would be much more limited than if the UK leaves the customs union. Also the effects of Brexit, in particular, if the UK leaves the customs union will be rather different for imports of materials for further production than for consumer goods destined for the retail market.

The effect of barriers to UK imports will come in a number of different forms. Firstly, any tariff barriers will have an impact on the price of imports for Irish buyers. Secondly, any restrictions on trade will impose indirect costs, not least through delaying movement of goods. 

Stockpiling Materials for further production 

Much of the goods imported into Ireland are used as inputs by businesses in the Irish economy. This reflects the growing complexity of supply chains.

The integrated nature of supply chains has developed to minimise the overall cost of production. Part of the increased efficiency depends on very efficient logistics. Stocks of inputs are kept to a minimum, reducing the need for storage, while at the same time ensuring no delays in production.

However, if the UK leaves the customs union, Brexit will almost certainly result in an increased compliance burden for firms. A possible response of firms will be to increase storage to deal with delays, holding higher stocks.

Stockpiling consumer goods for the retail sector 

The retail and distribution sector is a key part of the domestic economy. It is the channel through which consumer goods are imported and provided to Irish households. In the case of grocery sector tow thirds or more of what is on the shelves are either manufactured in the UK or imported through the UK.

A major factor in increasing efficiency in the distribution (retail) sector across the EU has been the development of centralised distribution. Rather than suppliers delivering to every shop, they deliver to a central warehouse. This minimises the cost of delivery and has been fully exploited in much of the EU.

Because most retailers have very limited storage they will not in the short run, be able to counter such delays by holding bigger stocks.

Here at Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd., we provide cost-effective and flexible rentable solutions with quick response and installation for your business, which may be facing critical issues such as storage or production requirements.

Our solutions range from Cold Stores, Blast Freezers and Chillers, Tempering/Defrost Units, Heat Chambers, Production Facilities, Test Chamber, Clean Rooms and on a longer scale, we are able to provide solutions such as Chiller Buildings, Ambient Buildings, and Cross Docking Facilities.

Through asset rental, you are able to reach demand without major capital being spent.

We’re proud to offer the best cold storage solutions for businesses throughout Ireland. 

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For more information regarding the Brexit and Irish Economy, visit the link:  https://www.iiea.com/publication/brexit-and-the-distribution-sector/