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The benefits of Dawsongroup cold storage units


Cold store vs shipping container

Storage containers have become a popular solution for shipping and keeping goods but not every container is created equal. At Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland we don't just offer standard, steel shipping containers, but insulated cold storage unit built to protect your products from the outside world as well as keep them safe. If you are not sure what temperature control solution is right for you, then you can read more about the benefits of cold storage units in comparison to traditional steel containers. Read more below.


The benefits of a cold storage unit vs a steel container.


If you are looking for a storage option and you are worried about product integrity and trying to find the safest possible solution, then Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. has the solution - Cold Storage Units. There are a number of valid reasons to hire one of our cold storage units, from lower running costs, as detailed below, to the higher specification, improved aesthetics and the range of sizes available to suit your business, rather than simply 8 or 18 pallets (20’ or 40’).

1. Save money on the running costs. Running a container at -18°C will use approx. 8kW per hour, compared to one of our 31 pallet cold stores at 5kW per hour. This is less running power for an additional 15 pallet capacity, further proof our cold stores are more energy efficient

2. No condensation. Our cold storage units will prevent rainwater from getting in and minimize the chance of condensation to form from rapidly changing temperatures inside. Condensation and leaks can damage your stored products, providing a favorable environment for mold and bacteria development.

3.Temperature control and Efficiency. A Dawsonrentals cold storage unit has 115mm wall thickness, which helps drastically to reduce unnecessary temperature loss through the walls, compared to a container which only has 50mm of insulation. This extra 65mm contributes to greater efficiency. Our units will minimize energy usage while maintaining temperature uniformly. They also come with temperature alarms and sophisticated data logger. Steel containers aren't very good at maintaining internal temperatures at all. 

4. Helps to reduce noise pollution. Our cold storage unit is a great unit to have in a residential area as the unit runs at only 53.7 decibels at 10m away compared to a container which runs at 85 decibels.

5. Flexibility. Cold storage units can be built to your specification, allowing you to store your products in an organised manner. Our multiple applications allow for a wide range of use. We can create bespoke solutions, tailored to your specific needs, whether that be by creating linked units that have more capacity than individual units or by creating large, open plan production areas.

6. Temperature monitoring. While both types of the unit offer this kind of equipment, a container can only store the information for 31 days, whereas the cold storage unit from Dawsongroup can store the information for 365 days, and this can be viewed over the internet if required.

7. Safety and security. Our cold storage units have installed alarms and alerts to notify you of any temperature or power failure installed as standard. Dual refrigeration can be incorporated in case one unit fails, to ensure a 100% backup.

Our Cold Storage units are the smarter and cost-effective alternative to old, rusty and inefficient shipping containers.


If you would like more information about the benefits, please feel free to contact us.