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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

9 Reasons to rent a Blast Freezer / Chiller from Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd.



With the blast freezer or blast chiller, you can freeze fresh products quickly and in a controlled manner to the core. The blast freezer or blast chiller is also suitable for cooling products. Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. has different models with a high capacity. This makes our blast freezers/chillers particularly suitable for various industries, such as the food industry, pharmaceutical, catering, chemicals, and logistics.

So what are the 9 reasons to rent a blast freezer/chiller from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland?

A blast freezer or blast chiller has many advantages for different companies and products. Wondering if a blast freezer/chiller is the right choice for you? We are happy to give you a hand and have put the advantages at a glance:

 • Fast and controlled freezing or cooling. This will save you time and quality.
 • High capacity freezers are very suitable for large stocks.
 • Meets various quality standards, such as HACCP, BRC, GMP.
 • Due to the accelerated freezing process, you have less or no problems with ice crystals.
 • Low noise and efficient in energy consumption.
 • Standard data registration equipment available, with which you can monitor everything.
 • Functional design with easy to open doors and flat floors.
 • With built-in alarms, with which you limit risks.
 • Available in different sizes and types.


Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd.provide a pre-order calculation service to ensure that you receive the right blast freezer or chiller to achieve the desired result in the quantities and time you need. Dawsongroup also understands the importance of cost and will, therefore, work with you on a cost comparison against alternative methods so that you achieve the most cost-effective blasting for your business.

We are fully certified to work with F-Gas.        

If you want to know more about these temperature controlled units or want to know if your specific requirements can be met then please give us a call on 045 448 810 or enquire through the enquiry form.