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5 Tips to ensure quality in food storage

These 5 practical tips help you to ensure the quality and avoid the risks.

If you work in the food sector, you know that you need to meet more and more requirements. Remission and contamination are under investigation and the government must ensure that products are safe. Laws and rules are therefore regularly sharpened. How do you guarantee the quality of your food storage? We will be happy to help you with these 5 practical tips. Read more


Tip 1: Make someone responsible for quality

Quality management is an important task requiring sufficient attention. Large companies are often familiar with many and extensive processes. It is then important that someone keeps an eye on the quality and monitors the quality. In small businesses, it is important to appoint someone responsible for quality management. Make sure this "quality manager" can work towards clear targets.

Tip 2: Make sure your storage is easy to clean

The place where you store your food must be hygienic at first. Of course, you choose a clean place for food storage, but did you also think of cleaning? Space is self-polluted by logistical and working people. Therefore, make sure your storage is easy to clean. This guarantees not only the quality but also saves cleaning costs. 

Tip 3: Use data recording equipment

With data recording equipment you always know what's happening at the place where your food is stored. Even remotely. This allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity and ensures the highest quality. You will also get insight into other valuable data. For example, how long are the doors open? This information enables you to make processes more efficient.

Tip 4: Provide constant control

The HACCP guidelines are central: take every effort to reduce risks! Remember in advance what might be wrong. The temperature may rise or fall, a staff member may embed himself or the power may fail. Data registration equipment gives you insight into the data, but in emergency situations, you'd rather receive a warning. Therefore, ensure good alarm in risky situations. This will keep everything under control.

Tip 5: Adjust the humidity

Not only the temperature but also the humidity has a lot of influence on the state of food. Do you always want to keep food under the ideal conditions? Then choose storage where you can control the temperature and humidity yourself. This will prevent you from being spoiled and assured of the very best quality.

Are you looking for a cold store or freezing units that fully comply with the HACCP guidelines? Then you are in the right place at Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland

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