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Cold storage tips to maintain energy efficiency - 06 November 2018
  When storing fresh produce or perishable items, it's very important to maintain constant temperatures and an accordant… Read more

ATEX Units - 30 October 2018
  Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. has a wide selection of ATEX compliant storage rooms. ATEX… Read more

Food Cold Storage - 12 October 2018
  Read more

Pharma Industry Awards 2018 - 17 July 2018
  Since… Read more

Cold chain - 03 July 2018
  The succession… Read more

Frozen Vegetables = Vitamin Bomb - 21 May 2018
    Frozen vegetables usually… Read more

9 Reasons to Rent Blast Freezer / Chiller from Dawsongroup Ireland ltd. - 24 April 2018
                    With the blast freezer or blast chiller, you can freeze fresh products quickly… Read more

Commercial Dry Aging fridges - 24 January 2018
  Dry Aging is a dry seasoning technique, aimed at obtaining the best test and tenderness of meat by using long maturing times. The… Read more

F-Gas Regulations - 17 January 2018
  The European Union is, therefore, taking regulatory action to control F-gases as part of its policy to combat climate change. A first… Read more

Fish Cold Storage Units - 03 January 2018
    Fish Cold Storage The retention of nutritional properties and product quality of fish is dependent on proper handling of the catch… Read more

5 Tips to Ensure Quality in Food Storage - 14 November 2017
These 5 practical tips help you to ensure the quality and avoid the risks. If you work in the food sector, you know that you need to meet more and more requirements. Remission and contamination… Read more

Bespoke Cold Storage Solutions from Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. - 27 October 2017
Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. can create bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs Dawsonrentals… Read more

Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. innovations - 20 October 2017
                         Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. introduces an Innovative solution for Cold Storage produce handling. Read more

Proud Sponsor of Pharma Industry Awards 2017 - 06 October 2017
Pharma Industry Awards 2017          Read more

Quick Guide to Pallet Sizes - 18 September 2017
Quick guide to pallet sizes.   Read more

Purpose built Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. Tempering or Defrost unit - 11 September 2017
          Our Tempering units offer an effective defrosting process which maintains product integrity. Read more

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage from Dawson Pharma Ireland. - 23 August 2017
Pharmaceutical Cold Storage from Dawson Pharma Ireland Read more

COLD STORE the Refrigerated Trailer alternative - 16 August 2017
                   Cold Stores - the Refrigerated Trailer alternative When… Read more

The benefits of cold storage unit vs a steel storage container - 31 July 2017
  Storage containers have… Read more

The benefits of blast freezing and blast freezers - 24 July 2017
                                        Read more

The benefits of cold storage rental - 17 July 2017
                                          If you discover you need more cold storage capacity, you have two options. You could opt to buy an industrial… Read more

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