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We are proud to announce that we are celebrating 20 years in business this yearNew for 2019 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store UnitDawsongroup | TCS Ireland has the privilege of sponsoring the Pharma Industry Awards 2019 for the fourth consecutive year

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Production FacilitiesProduction facilities

we do much more than just cold storage

Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland provides temperature-controlled space, which can be utilized to provide an additional production line or to extend existing facilities. Dawsongroup Complexes can be built and installed within a  fraction of the time of conventional buildings, and our Project Management Service takes care of everything including plumbing, electrics, and drainage where needed. 

Controlled - Having all your requirements in one place means that any products can be produced, frozen if necessary and stored within the same area allowing easy transport accessibility.

Launching New Products or Extending - If you want to begin a new product line our products are the quick and reliable answer with the bespoke design allowing for unique characteristics, our units can be tailored to whatever you need to produce.

Cost and Time Saving - Bringing products in-house may help reduce costs in terms of travel, labor and time.

Free-From or Allergen Free - In order to create 'free-from' products separation and controlled environments are essential, by using our solutions the entire area can be controlled and monitored to ensure there is no contamination within the space. This is also relevant to products that need to be produced separately.

Fast - Designed, delivered and commissioned within just 7 weeks, dependent on requirements. 

All production facilities are modular with no limitations to size. A facility can be extended as your business grows, or relocated to another site. The installation of fresh air systems ensures the modules create a safe working environment for employees, and a single module is safe and spacious enough for up to 15 workers.  

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