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New for 2020 from Dawsongroup | TCS Ireland is the Inflatable Cold Store Unit

Inflatable Cold Rooms

  • Inflatable Cold Store
  • Inflatable Cold Store
  • Inflatable Cold Store
  • Inflatable Cold Store



Why choose the Inflatable Cold Store?


· Quick install – 90 minutes per unit
· 20 pallet capacity (per unit)
· Structures height of 3.68m allows full forklift     access
· Units can link together to increase capacity     (up to 60 pallets)
· Low logistical costs
· Can be sited on any surface

The Inflatable Cold Store is an efficient and flexible solution to almost any cold storage requirement. With flexibility being their greatest asset, units have been successfully installed on; Mezzanine floors, Docking bays, Warehousing and Production lines.

Inflatable Cold Stores can run off 32 amp single phase or 16amp 3 phase power supplies, dependant on what suits you best. Inflatable Cold Stores can allow forklift access, once the unit is elevated from the ground.

Compared to conventional container storage, Inflatable Cold Stores are up to 40% cheaper. Our Inflatables can be transported on a single pallet and installed in just 90 minutes, minimising disruption to your business.

Our Inflatable Cold Stores are incredibly flexible and cost-effective, so its no wonder why they have been utilised by businesses for a number of years.

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