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Industrial Freezers from Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd.

Industrial Freezer units


Industrial Freezer Units 


Our large industrial freezers can freeze or chill large quantities of goods quickly. Using a unique combination of high-power compressors and high-speed fans our units use directed airflow to ensure rapid cooling. Companies within the food industry use a blast unit to cool or freeze products rapidly, this helps to preserve taste, appearance, and quality. Blast freezing can lock in all essential nutrients found in foods such as meats or fish.

Renting an industrial freezer can be the perfect solution if you are currently outsourcing your blast freezing/chilling processes, but would like more control. In addition, it may be an excellent option if the blast freezer/chiller is closer to your production site reduces your costs. Is your current blast freezer/chiller too small to offer the capacity you require? Have you lost orders because you were unable to meet demand? Then the Dawsongroup Ireland Ltd. industrial freezer is exactly what you need.

We support a wide range of industries including the food, research & development and environmental sector. Our units provide a flexible solution that improves the process flow, allowing for quick and easy expansion.

Our industrial freezer units come in a range of different sizes. They range from 10 to 31 pallet capacity to ensure we meet your requirements. We are extremely confident in our blast equipment and can assure you that our industrial freezer units are nothing but top-quality.

Blast freezers range

Industrial freezer units offer a great benefit to your company, so here are just a few examples of how they can help you:

High Specification

Regular freezers may not be able to provide similar specifications as commercial freezers. Our range of freezer units offer cutting edge technology, for example, our freezers are fitted with necessary safe-guarding technology such as Mains Failure and Over/Under Temperature Alarms which will alert you with an audible siren and flashing beacons.

Range of Uses

Industrial freezer units are temperature adjustable, therefore they can be adapted to suit specific products. These units are airtight and will help to protect your products from extreme temperatures and weather changes depending on whether your unit is placed internally or externally. Our industrial freezer units support a wide range of industries including the Food, Research & Development and Environmental sector.

Saving Money

When investing in an industrial freezer unit you no longer have to lose out on money by throwing away any spoiled products. Our units store products at the correct temperature whilst controlling the moisture level. We also allow your company to take control of the production by bringing the blast freezing onto your premises, streamlining your operations.

The units can be used internally and externally. They are fully waterproof, making them ideal for sitting outside when linking to a building. We also offer you a blast calculation, which will estimate how long it takes to chill or freeze your product. 


All of our industrial refrigeration storage solutions include a range of key features at no additional charge for hire or rent:

Internal lighting    Internal Lighting

The refrigeration unit always includes internal lighting, at a light intensity of 300 lux per meter.



Hygienic, non-slip, flat floors 

Hygienic, non-slip floors

The floor of the refrigeration unit is flat and has a non-slip coating, so you can easily and safely bring in a pallet or roll cage. The unit also has a sloping corner along the 45° walls, so no dirt or insects can get into the seams. There is a drain in the floors.



Data registration devices Data logger

Data registration devices are a standard feature on our units. These devices make it easy to read out data on air temperature, when and how long doors were open, defrosting cycle, and any malfunctions.


Strip curtain Strip curtain

The units include a strip curtain that keeps the cold inside, keeping the temperature inside the cold store separate from the outdoor temperature when the doors are open.



Internal light switch and man trap alarm Internal Lighting switch

The refrigeration unit includes a light switch so the light can be turned on from inside. It also has a man trap alarm so employees can alert people outside if they are accidentally locked in. The alarm includes both acoustic and visual warning signals.


Door lock Door lock

The refrigeration room is easy to open and has a convenient door lock.



 Our industrial freezer unit can be fitted with whatever the customer wants, bespoke to their requirements, from shelving to meat hangers. These are only a few of the benefits that come with incorporating one of our industrial freezer units into your business.

If you require any more information on any of our products, then please feel free to browse the rest of our website or give us a call on 045 448 810.